Sunday, January 13, 2019

January Hunt!

*More coming soon!*

Hint: Don't worry, we'll be BACK again on SUNDAY
Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop *100% donation item*
Hint: Take a seat on this stool.
Hint: Relax with the blue kitty!
@AdReNaLiZeD@ *100% donation item* (Item is mesh dress)
Hint: I need a new skirt. 
by Chiana Oh *100% donation item*
Hint: Let me ring that up for you!
MELANGE !NC.  *50% donation items* (Both items include shoes)
Item #1 Hint: Wow! This tree is beautifully bright.
Item #2 Hint: Oooh! They do custom work? I will leave my suggestion.
Reina Photography *50% donation item* (Item is 3 Poses with elephant props included)
Hint: You will find this prize on top of a Ballerina, a Robot, and a Fish!
Star Sugar *50% donation item*
Hint: Every kids favorite toy is writing something just for you.

THIS IS WRONG *100% donation item*
Hint: Take a seat and see how lucky you are!
{.Gross Princess.} *50% donation items*
Item #1 Hint: Lights are bright in this Starry Night.
Item #2 Hint: This Candelabra is so enchanting!
Item #3 Hint: Lovely Luna.
TwoSided *50% donation item*
Hint: Plant
Made by .. Houses & Furniture *50% donation item* (Item is full furniture set)
Hint: What is NEW in store!!
HJM Designs *50% donation item*
Hint: Need a redelivery?
The Happy Hat *100% donation item* (Item is hair, hat, books and rug) 
Hint: The HUNT HINT will know on where this gift will go. 
MDM Photography and Calendars *50% donation item* (item is photo)
Hint: Like us on Facebook!
NUTS Inc *50% donation item*
Hint: Pencils are useful if the laptop is broken!
Dragonsworn *100% donation item*
Hint: Look up... near awesome outfits for women.
Third Moon Creations- G!A *50% donation item*
Hint: Its Hide N Seek Time ~ Find G!A
Aquatica Mesh *100% donation item* (item is full perm mesh)
An Lema *100% donation item*
Hint: I can hardly "bear" to give you a hint.
USC Textures *100% donation item*
Hint: Look for the Kenyan Flag on a shield.