Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Hunt for April!

Model: Seraphina Sakkura (furrygraves)
Hint: G is for Gacha!
Prize #1: MAITREYA Nail Appliers: "Once I'm in I own your heart!" 
Prize #2: Omega Nail Appliers: "Don't trip off the glitz." 
Prize #3: Slink Nail Appliers: "You thought an angel swept you off your feet."
Hint: Don't trip off the "glitz"
Hint:Wonder what's new on sale this week?

Hint: "When the stars are too cold
           Frozen all over the globe"

Epicine - coming soon

Hint: Look for the bookstore!

Hint: I"m feeling a little Dotty.

Prize #1: When you walk in, you might miss me.
Prize #2: The 13th step from the bottom.
Hint: Check me out.
Hint: Strike A Pose "Down on the Ranch".
Hint: The best audience is animals!
Prize #1: SLINK / MAITREYA / OMEGA / Classic Avi's Stigmata Tattoo
Prize #2: 6 DOO / OMEGA / Classic Avi's Black Tears Makeup
Prize #3: SLINK / MAITREYA / OMEGA nail (2 colors included)
Hint: 'I'm always walkin', after MIDNIGHT, out in the moonlight the way we used to do...'
Hint: Prize #1: go straight as you come down the stairs.
Prize #2: looking for GIFTS ?
Prize #3: deep down you can find me i'm just.. sitting in corner.
Hint: Hmm...I wonder what's new?
Hint: Rest in Peace.
Hint: Prize #1: We're rocking out with the stars now!
Prize #2: Musicians, remember to Accessorize! 
Hint:  "I can tell your heart's cold, Like a fallen angel walking in your sleep, I guess you're just a lost soul, But when the moon comes out, you turn into a beast"
Hint:  Look around the chairs in one of the main store builds. 

Hint: I wonder if I can play the guitar with my new manicure?