Monday, February 18, 2019

Total Transparency for Donations

The event ended on the 15th, the poster has a typo. Sorry!
The hunt has now ended! 

50% of sponsor fees were given to the charity, 50% were kept by organizer. This was documented multiple times in the notecard and all designers knew 50% was being donated and 50% was being kept.

The sponsor fees were nine spots at 200L each (100L donated per store) and one spot at 300L (150L donated). For a total of 1,050L donated from sponsorships alone.

We sold 67 hunt prizes at the 50% to charity and 50% designer split = 335L donated

We sold 218 hunt prizes at 100% to charity = 2,180L donated

335L (50/50 split hunt prizes) + 2,180L (100% hunt prizes) + 1050L (50/50 split sponsorship fees) =
3,565L donated to the charity

In total we all donated 3,565L to the charity Harambee Gwassi Kenya. Below is screenshot proof of donations. I thank all stores and hunters to making this possible with your generosity. If you'd like to donate yourself you can do so by doing to Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop in-world and donating to a tip jar or buying some of their items or you can donate via the Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Website.

All donations were collected on the Gpproductionsevent avatar which is owned strictly by the organizer. All donations will be donated directly to the tip jar at the Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop in-world as they periodically cash out and donate directly to the charity.

Link to Charity info:

Slurl to Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop in-world:

Below are screenshots of the scripts for the servers I used to collect and keep track of the hunt prizes.

Disclaimer: It says 68 donations but it's actually 67, one was a test done by a friend to ensure the donation scripts were going to the correct account.

^ Proof of full linden balance for as far back as it would let me go.
^Proof all funds were sent to the owner of Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop

Thank you to all the hunters and designers for making this event possible!

Update: Some stores still have their prizes out and we collected and donated another 30L. Proof below. If I collect anymore donations they will be properly donated as well.